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Congratulations to Steven Grimes from Greenfield, IN - our winner of the WWE Smackdown Live Tickets!

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After 2 Beers Exclusive Interview

After 2 Beers Interviews Richmond, Indiana Mayoral Candidate Thomas J. Owens (I)


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Episode #48

In our A2B History Segment, Randall goes from hitting homers to dropping elbows.

After 2 Beers

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Episode #49 - Dan Cummins

Dutch and Gibbler interview one of the funniest comedians on tour today - Dan Cummins

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In my early 20’s, I already had the next 60 years of my life figured out. Everything was set, all I had to do now was turn on the auto-pilot, sit back and relax, and it was all going to be puppy dogs, cupcakes, and boat drinks.