Why Preserving History Is Important?

Three days ago, After 2 Beers launched a podcast focusing on the interesting aspects of Richmond’s history. The items I discussed are unique ONLY to this community.

Since that time, the podcast highlighting this history has been listened to in the following cities plus many more; Indianapolis, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Fort Wayne, Cedar Rapids, Nashville and even in Europe.

As a community we seem to be focusing a lot of time discussing how to improve downtown and the marketing efforts appear to be targeted primarily towards the members of this community.

Perhaps we should invest some budget, creativity, and time into maintaining and marketing some of the pieces of history that will bring individuals into this community from outside Wayne County i.e. Don McBride Stadium. We are the home of the original motion picture screening before an audience, how about a Midwest film festival? How about an interactive museum highlighting the history of Jazz and the individuals and recordings that were captured at Starr Piano & Gennett Records.

This type of tourism will have nothing but positive benefits for the community at large including downtown but also; the depot district, the businesses on the East side of Richmond that employ so many of our residents along with additional communities surrounding Richmond; Centerville, Fountain City, Hagerstown, etc.

We seem to be forgetting our past which made us who we are today.