So You Think You Can Podcast

I am a podcast junkie. If you are like me and sit in a cube farm 40 hours a week; throwing in some earbuds and tuning out the rest of the world is the only thing to get through this Joe Versus The Volcano-esque existence. There is nothing better than a funny, insightful reprieve from your everyday life.  So, when I found out in January that my friend Kimmie was going to be part of the After2Beers podcast I thought cool beans! Remember, I am over 40 and those who are over 40 still think people say cool beans. People do, old people. Anyway, I digress. Fast forward to about a month ago when her podcast buddy Dutch sent me a Facebook message asking I if I would like to join the podcast as a co-host. I had only met him a few times but I could tell he was good people. After all, he was hanging out with Kimmie and she is literally THE BEST (I will take that beer now Kimmie, it is forever immortalized in print.)  My response was, “Why not!” In the back of my head, self-doubt was creeping in. I am a person who hates the sound of my recorded voice so much that I use the generic recording my cellphone provider offers. Also, I do not leave voicemails ever.  Will being on a podcast make me come to terms with the fact that I am not nearly as witty and funny as I think I am?  Let’s not get carried away.

Here is the thing, I have been looking for a hobby since I stopped playing roller derby in 2014. I joined The Dire Skates in 2009 and when I moved closer to Indianapolis I joined Circle City Derby Girls. I thought back to my very first practice. I was terrified and I had no idea what I was doing. I still didn’t for at least the first year and a half.  I had never played an organized sport in my life. Yet, I went to practice 3 times a week and got better. By the time I was ready to hang up my skates I was a pretty strong player. 

So why was I afraid to put myself out there? I mean I have literally been talking as long as I can remember. Come to think of it, I was probably singing before I could talk. My mom said when I was a little less than 2 years old I would sit on the potty and sing “You Light Up My Life”. That’s it! I will just podcast from the toilet, where I feel the most at home. Just kidding, the bathroom is a shitty place to record.

So here I am, I just did my first episode and it was far from perfection. I felt rushed, I had way more than 2 beers towards the end of it and I am not so sure I wasn’t slurring my words. Historically, I have proven that with a little practice I can be good at anything I set my mind to. Right now, I will just have to settle for being really good at the beer drinking part.

“Do or do not, there is no try.  – Yoda (This is for all you nerds.)




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