Welcome to my home!

For the last few months the team at After 2 Beers has been working to raise sponsorship dollars for a music festival we are holding on October 6th.  We are holding the event in a small Midwestern city of 35,000 – Richmond, Indiana.  Richmond is very similar to a lot of small Midwestern cities except for one big difference to me personally, it’s my home.  I was born in Richmond, I was raised in Richmond, and now it’s where I am happily raising my family. I have been fortunate to travel to some very cool places all over the world in my lifetime but I have always been happy to come “home”.  And like other Midwestern cities, Richmond is currently battling our own share of issues.  We could certainly use more high paying careers for recent high school and college graduates and many in this community have felt the soul crushing pain of the premature loss of life of a loved one due to drugs.  And that brings me to this blog and the Great Pumpkin Bash.  

As I mentioned above, we have been working hard to gather sponsorships for the Great Pumpkin Bash and we are doing it for one reason and one reason alone, to give back to our home.  As of today thanks to some very generous sponsors, the Great Pumpkin Bash is on track to be a big success for this community. We will be giving away pumpkins to children during this event and providing an afternoon of entertainment which includes bounce houses, cotton candy, and popcorn ALL FOR FREE.  Thanks to our sponsors we will be able to have some very talented musicians from all over the Midwest come to Richmond and share their music to our friends and neighbors, again ALL FOR FREE to the community. Thanks to our sponsors we will be providing a FREE fireworks extravaganza to light up the night sky one more time before the leaves fall and the wind turns cold. But most importantly thanks to our sponsors who helped us pay for the resources to provide this free event to the community, EVERY SINGLE PENNY of profit is being donated to help breast cancer with the help of the Reid Health Foundation.

 Raising funds for an event like this isn’t easy.  You will receive many polite “I wish I could, but…” or a simple “no thank you” or not receive a response at all.  But I have learned a few things during this process the last few months that I will take with me forever. First, be very appreciative of those who go out of their way to help with an event like this whether it’s financial support, through volunteering, through offering to help organize the event, etc. Without all of this support an event like this couldn’t take place. Second, be very appreciative of those who were not able to donate because they at least took the time to hear your message.  Charity comes in many forms and the donation of their time is still a worthwhile investment.  And lastly, don’t be afraid of rejection. If there is anything in this world you want, you have to work for it, and that includes asking for a favor, a sponsorship, etc. 

I want to say thank you to the entire Wayne County Community, all the loyal After 2 Beer Fans and we hope you all enjoy this free community event next weekend. If you would like to donate to our fight against breast cancer please visit https://reidhealthfoundation.org/donate/ and select the designation of BRAvo.

 Ohh…and any guests that will be joining us next Saturday from outside of Wayne County, welcome to my home – Richmond, Indiana.  Stop by for a visit anytime! #HomeInWayne