Mindless Self Indulgence

Over the past few months you have gotten to know me a little bit from my involvement with the podcast After 2 Beers where I have hopefully elicited some chuckles from you, if not full on hysterical fits of laughter. You have gotten to know me from the thoughtful stylings of my blog posts. You know that I have a bad memory. You know that I find situations funny that shouldn’t be funny. You know that music is super important to me. You know that The Avett Brothers are my favorite band (BTW, I am in the car on my way to a show in Milwaukee as I type this). And while all the above would lead you to believe I am an amazing person, someone you wish to be lifelong friends with, I do have a secret to tell you. You guys, I really hope that you still adore me after I tell you this horrible disgusting secret.

Alright, here goes nothing…. August is my absolute favorite time of the year for one reason and one reason only. BACHELOR IN PARADISE. I am not proud of my obsession with this show. From the very cheesy intros, the anticipation of who is going to walk down the steps next, or who is going to be granted the ever-elusive date card. There is something about all these single men and woman left to their own devices on a beach with nothing to do but drink and create drama. Maybe when I tell you why I love you it you will forgive me. You will be able to overlook this guilty pleasure of mine.

You see I think I love it so much because it is exactly how I feel in love with my husband. No, we were not on a show and there was little to no drama surrounding us, but we did fall in love at an all-inclusive resort on a beach in Mexico. After being casual friends for more than 2 years we went on a group trip with friends to Mexico. He asked me to be his roomie and I said sure. Not a big deal to share a room with someone that I liked ok and was good for some laughs. Little did I know after 4 days of lots of tequila, snorkeling, and quality time together, I was in love.  I find it impossible that true love can blossom on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. There is no way you can know you love someone after spending 6 hours with them. Give these people a beach and nothing to do but engage in conversations with each other and it can happen, I am living proof. I cannot help it, I am a hopeless romantic!

Last February in Mexico I met Wells Adams from the franchise. I may or may not have stalked him down, made his friends hold his plate of tacos and his margarita to take a picture with me but he was gracious about it.  

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest, I appreciate your unconditional love.

P.S. I also love Teen Mom, I am so sorry for my short comings….



“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something there is nothing guilty about it”- Busy Philipps

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