After 40 Years....With Sunday: I Am A Breathing Time Machine

My memory is weird. There are things that people will talk about and I think, that was kind of a big deal why do I not remember it? Or I will remember the most insignificant detail which has for whatever reason stuck with me for years. There are times when I must remind myself to really stop and take in the moment. I am afraid if I don’t, my brain will classify it as not needed and POOF it will be gone forever…just like my youth. I mean there are times when I get up to do something and I have completely forgotten why I got up to begin with. As a rule, I make myself stand there until I remember. I have been standing in my kitchen for over an hour now. But hey, at least there is beer in the fridge. Oh, THAT’S what I came in here for... a beer!

Music is a powerful thing. Did you know that they have proven that music can evoke memories in Alzheimer’s patients? Just take that in that for a minute. Someone who does not remember anything from their life can suddenly recall memories vividly based on a song.. I won’t get into the neuroscience behind the whole thing, not because I do not know ALL about it. I mean I could probably talk for hours about how music stimulates the brain and increases serotonin. I just do not want to bore you with my big smartness.

So, I started thinking, what is the soundtrack to my life?  The earliest memory I have is from my Kindergarten classroom singing “Take It to The Limit” by The Eagles. You know, Dutch’s all-time favorite band. Seriously get him tickets to a show, he will love you forever!  I also loved the shit out of Eddie Rabbit. “Driving My Life Away” was apparently a fun little ditty for a 6-year-old to sing who knew nothing of driving or life for that matter.

In 1982, I had one of the most prolific music moments of my short life. My sister who was 16 years old, brought home a record that would change me forever. That record was Prince’s 1999. If I had an Uncle Chuck that was looking for a new sound, I would have called him.

My first heartache was appropriately consoled by Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been So Beautiful” on repeat. Because in 1987 all girls got the teen starter kit which included a Get In Shape Girl, a bottle of either Exclamation or Baby Soft perfume, Maxi Pads as big as your head, and a Tiffany cassette tape.

I will spare you the rest of my personal musical montage because we would literally be here forever.  Next week I will journey to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado to spend 3 nights listening to my favorite band, The Avett Brothers. I cannot wait to make some memories! There is only one problem, where the hell did I put those tickets?


I am a breathing time machine, I’ll take you all for a ride.” – The Avett Brothers.





P.S. – I would love to hear what your soundtrack songs are, drop me a comment below 😊

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